The group has been around for 23 years.  One year under the old president Bill Rhodes, and the last 22 years under us, Brad and Brenda Mikulka.  We are the Director and Co-Director of the group now.  We currently have 26 members.  Membership is free and is open to anybody that has an interest in the paranormal. Even though the name would suggest otherwise, we are based in Lansing, MI.  We thought about changing the name to more represent us, but by that time, the name SEMGHS was high on the index for search engines, so we decided to keep it.  We basically go all over the country to do investigations.  We have been done investigations from Sparta to Port Huron to Detroit and the surrounding area.  We also have done investigations in Ohio, Iowa, Texas and Pennsylvania. Each year we take "vacations" with the family.  We go, of course, for the kids and us, but we are always looking for a good place to go that has some history of being haunted.  Last year we went to Gettysburg and New York.  We go to a prison every year in Ohio.  They have all night investigations there.  If you are into the "what have you been in" thing, please check out the SEMGHS media page.  We have been on our fair share of TV and newspapers, and we are also in a book about Michigan ghost stories. We were featured on the Discovery Channel's "A Haunting".  We use a various array of equipment, please go to the Equipment page and see what we have.  I think that about covers it.  If you have any questions that were not answered here, please feel free to send me an e-mail at

SEMGHS is a professional research group with years of experience helping the public who might be experiencing or just have questions about possible paranormal activity in their home or business. Some of our members have lived in a haunted house, so they might have experienced the same kind of activity that you have experienced. We will help anyone that needs our help in the Central, Eastern, and SouthEast Michigan Areas. All of SEMGHS services are, and always will be, free of charge.