I have written a manuscript that was accepted for publication by a publishing house.  I started writing this manuscript 3 1/2 years ago.  I was rejected twice, then I basically scrapped the whole thing and started from scratch.  It was the third revision that was accepted.  The manuscript covers some of our investigations over the last 12 years.  I take you from the time we arrived at the investigation site until we left.  There are some pictures included in the book.  The book is available now, it is called ‘I Am Ghosthunter’, and can be bought wherever books are sold.

My second book is finished.  The book is called ‘Spook House’. This book will be about the time that we spent in a haunted house.  This house is what sparked my interest in ghosts and later hunting.  

UPDATED 08-09-15…My third book is in the can and this one is called ‘Ghost Hunting in Michigan’. The book looks GREAT!!  Release date is Aug. 28, 2015.

Here is the link for the upcoming book http://www.schifferbooks.com/ghost-hunting-in-michigan-5720.html

Stores that carry my book

Borders - Davison

Schulers - Eastwood Town Center

Schulers - Meridian Mall

The book signing at Schulers went well.  We had between 35-40 people show up and sold 26 books.  Here are some pictures from the event.

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